Leybourne Ss Peter & Paul School has been linked with Kauyemba school in Malawi for a number of years.  During this time three visits have been made by staff of Leybourne School to experience life in a Malawian Primary School.  Two Malawian Head Teachers have also had the opportunity to come and spend some time here in Leybourne.

Thank you for all your donations for the container that left the UK for Malawi in January, this should reach Malawi in April and then be taken onto Kauyemba School as soon as possible.

Starfish Malawi were hoping to visit Kauyemba School in March to take some photos of the completed roof of the Church/Classroom, unfortunately the heavy rains made the road impassable.  They will be returning in May and we hope to have some updated photos sent to us then.

Here is the link to the Starfish Malawi website.