Learning & Development/Strategy Team

This team meets formally three times per academic year. Its key aims are to take an active role in monitoring pupils’ success and progress, and to regularly review and update the School Improvement Plan. It then reports on this to the Full Governing Body.

It regularly reviews the vision and values of the school to ensure that these are shared with all stakeholders. It assigns individuals or pairs of governors to monitor the priorities of the School Improvement Plan. It is responsible for reviewing and updating the Complaints Procedure for Parents, Curriculum Policy, Behaviour Policy, Home School Agreements, and Admissions Policy.

Finance & Premises Team

This team also meets at least three times per academic year. It engages in strategic financial planning and reviews and approves the annual budget. It ensures that the school operates within the financial regulations of the County Council and that the requirements of the School Financial Value Statement are being maintained. It reports key financial information to the Full Governing Body.

It is responsible for updating the Finance Policy, Health & Safety Policy, On-line Safety, Disaster Recovery, Charging and Remissions Policy, Pay Policy, and Maintenance Plan.