The school has clubs run by outside providers offering:

  • Martial Arts – run by KIXX
  • Fusion Art – run by Mrs Cannon
  • Football – run by Superskills Uk
  • Mini Kings and Kings Squad  – run by Leybourne Ss Peter & Paul Church & The Family Trust
  • Lego Club – run by Bricks4Kidz

In addition there are a variety of school run clubs.

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Bricks 4 Kidz start back after Christmas on Wednesday 10th January with a New theme – ENGINEERING ADVENTURES!
For girls and boys in Yr 1 and upwards, the term costs £30 for 5 weeks and is now available to book online.
So you want to be an engineer or architect? This is your chance! Join us as we put our engineering skills to the test to build bridges, buildings, vehicles and more.
Do you like to design cities? You might become an urban architect one day! Want to design the next cool electric car?
Then you might be destined to become an automotive or mechanical engineer! Come and experience engineering adventures with us!
Students will work in a lab-type setting using LEGO® bricks with an integrated curriculum based on maths and science.
Instructional content includes concepts of friction, gravity and torque, scale, gears, axles and beams.
The material covered in each session will vary depending on students’ ages, experience, and skill level.
All material will be provided.
For children to play and socialise with friends while learning fundamentals of engineering and architecture in a non-competitive setting.
To build problem-solving skills, provide an opportunity for creative expression and foster an appreciation of how things work.
To help students understand that Architecture and Engineering are viable career choices.
Kids already know how to build with LEGO® bricks, but with a little coaching they can learn engineering, architecture and concepts of physics and mathematics using the plastic components.
Students will develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
The children take home a handout each week to show parents what they’ve learned. As well as building very cool motorised models step by step and playing with a huge amount of LEGO® for creative free play building.
Each child builds their own LEGO® mini-figure to play with each week and take home on the last week, which they LOVE !!
*Star Wars Camp* – Christmas Camps are fully booked so we have added a NEW DATE on Wednesday 3rd January – Galaxy Far Away Camp, £18 from 9.30am – 12.30pm 
Many thanks!
Caroline Cobb 
Call – 07814 371279
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