Provision Maps

As a result of a discussion at a Provision Map meeting, or other concern being raised, Mrs Mills may decide to refer a pupil to a specialist service for further assessment or support. Parental consent is always obtained in these situations.

Specialist services whose advice may be sought include the Local Inclusion Forum Team (LIFT) to request additional help and support from the Specialist Teaching and Learning Service (STLS); the Educational Psychologist (EP); the Speech and Language Therapy Service, the Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Service and the School Health Service, along with Community Paediatricians and the Early Help Prevention Service and Social Services .

Sometimes these specialist services may recommend a particular approach or programme to support a pupil, at home and/or at school. When this happens Mrs Mills will meet with the SEND team and Mrs Holditch to discuss the recommendations, before meeting with the parents to explain what our next steps will be.