Our School Prayer

Dear God

Please give us the heart to welcome new teachers and children into our school.

May we have the courage to say sorry to the people we have upset and the strength to admit when we are wrong.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn and guiding our wonderful teachers.

Please help us to respect the school equipment and remember the five ‘Leybourne Learners’ at all times.

Thank you for making our school safe and a fun place to be.



Dear God

Thank you for the food we grow,

Thank you for the seeds we sow,

Thank you for my family and friends,

Who will love me lots until the end.


Please help the people that have lost ones they love,

And make sure they’re safe in heaven up above,

Please help the world to always be safe,

And that we will always have faith.


Sorry for the cruel and mean things I’ve said,

Please help me keep them inside my head,

Sorry for the fights in the world and war,

We will have trust in you evermore.



Dear God

Thank you for our food and drink that we have to keep us alive.

Thank you for the rain that helps our crops to grow.

Thank you for our families and friends around us to care for us.


Please help the doctors to find a cure for all the horrible diseases in the world.

Please also help us learn new things everyday in life.


I am sorry for all of the hurtful words and the mean things I have said.

Sorry for not listening to my Mum and Dad, when I don’t want to do the things they ask me to do.


Dear Lord

Thank you for our wonderful School and all the friendships that are within.

We know you shine your light and love on us when we light our assembly candle. 

Please look after us when we are hard at work in our lessons and also when we are playing, dancing and singing.

Thank you for all the learning and opportunities that we enjoy here at Leybourne Primary School.


Lord our heavenly Father

Each one of us is cherished by you

Your love shines through those around us here

Bring us knowledge, friendships and joy

Opportunities to improve ourselves and our community

Understanding of your world, and

Relationships of trust and compassion

Never let us forget to use the gifts you gave us

Everything good we do in Christ’s name


Harvest Prayer

Dear Lord

Please help the poor and the homeless and the ill. 

I hope that we can show the same kindness, trust, respect, compassion and love to you someday.

Can you please help the people in Syria at the moment?


Harvest Prayer

Dear God

Thank you for all the crops we have.  Please help us to realise how lucky we are having all of the food and crops to help us learn and develop well.


Dear Lord,

For the moments of wonder in these walls we give thanks,

For the times that we are able to help one another we give thanks,

For goals shared and achieved through effort and guidance we give thanks,

For the kindness and compassion shown every day we give thanks,

For times we feel angry or frustrated and make mistakes we are sorry,

For moments of selfishness when we forget how lucky we are we are sorry,

Let love and happiness be the food that helps us grow in school,

Let your light guide us as we start our journey through life.


Dear God

Thank you for our friends and school.

Please help us to trust everyone around us and respect their belongings.

Help us to be more friendly to everyone.

Thank you for our love, friendship and trust you have given us.


Dear God

Thank you for the lovely teachers and children in my school.

In school I learn something new every day which will help me to grow up to be a better person.

There is no place I would rather be!


Dear God

Please help us to be compassionate to one another and please help us trust our friends and family.

Also please help us to respect each other and listed to other people’s opinions and please help us to love everyone around us.


Dear Lord

We thank you for the rain, we thank you for the puddles we splash in.

We thank you for spring and all the flowers that smell nice.

We thank you for autumn and the leaf piles we jump in.

We thank you for Easter, Christmas and all the celebrations.

Help us to look back at our mistakes, we have to trust each other to be good people.

Help us never to have a war again because they are scary.

When we die help us to have a good time in heaven.

When we move to secondary school help all our friends to come to the same school.

Now and forever


God our Father

Be with us today.

May all that we learn and do begin with your inspiration.

Watch over us, protect us and guide us in our school day.

Help us to love and respect one another, so we can follow your way.

We thank you for the education, the opportunities and the friendships.

Help us to work hard and achieve our goals.

We make this prayer through Christ our Lord.


Dear God

Please help us trust everyone around us and help us be much more friendly to one another. 

Also help us respect people and their belongings.