Leybourne Ss Peter and Paul CEP Parents’ Forum

The Parents’ Forum was established in 2016. Minutes of each meeting will be circulated to all parents and will be published in this section of the school website.

The aims of the Forum are as follows:

  • To develop and improve dialogue between the school and parents
  • To raise staff awareness of the views of parents and pupils

The Terms of Reference of the Forum are as follows:

  • The Forum acts as a constructive tool through which the Headteacher and Governing Body may consult the parent body.
  • The Forum acts as a conduit to feed information from the school to the parent body and from parents to the school.
  • Through open discussion, the Parents’ Forum strives to make the school aware of parental opinions on issues related to school such as transition, home learning, extra-curricular activities, behaviour, lunches, school environment etc.
  • When asking for feedback from parents, forum members are expected to maintain a neutral stance and not offer or promote their personal view, and not allow parents to involve them in any other course of action.
  • The Forum has an advisory and consultative role. The Governing Body and Headteacher of the school remain the decisions makers and provide strategic leadership of the school.
  • Any parent may nominate themselves to become a member of the Forum. Parental representation on the Forum will be in time be made up of seven parents; we would hope for one representative from each class. Terms of Office are of indeterminate length and members will serve until they wish to resign, or until their child leaves the school.
  • Meetings will be held at a mutually agreed time three times a year, lasting for up to 90 minutes.
  • The Forum is not the place to raise specific areas of concern around individual issues, pupils or members of staff.  

What happens at a meeting?

The initial meeting was chaired by a link Governor and attended by the Headteacher. Future meetings will be chaired by the Chair who was elected as part of the first meeting. Prior to meetings, forum members will consult parents on a particular issue, through means of face to face conversation or email communication – forum email accounts have been created for this purpose. (We would not expect Parent Forum communication to be conducted via Social Media). The feedback will then be shared at the meeting, and the Forum will collectively draw conclusions from the discussion. They may then recommend action to the Headteacher and Governing Body.